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An extensive guide to COVID cleaning
in commercial premises

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The global pandemic has changed the way of life in a number of aspects. It has also changed how we look at commercial cleaning services forever. Regardless of the service provider you were using before, commercial cleaners across Sydney can no longer stick to any surface-level shine. The new standard is about ensuring that every visitor and employee on the property is secure. 

Commercial cleaning now has to follow a set of strict guidelines which requires increased cleaning. Professional commercial cleaners have a COVID cleaning checklist to help make sure that we decontaminate your premises and terminate all the contagious germs that might be lurking underneath your surfaces. We’ve got enhanced detailed plans of action that involves the different places that need coverage, the supplies that would suit the specific area in question, the most appropriate type of equipment to be used. This is a quick guide with a few must-have items that our experts have curated for your COVID cleaning understanding.

  • Area-specific commercial cleaning 

There are no two places that can be cleaned the same on a commercial property anymore. That’s why it’s essential that your professional commercial cleaner has a comprehensive plan in place where a list of everything that needs due office cleaning on your premises is set apart. Good commercial cleaning companies are well-versed in offering the best solutions to all the diverse areas within your premises. Post-pandemic requires that we focus on the restroom and all the corners, like the stalls, washbasins, hand sanitiser dispensaries, and flush handles. All these places are high-germ concentrated points, and they need to be correctly cleaned frequently. 

  • Germ-crunching equipment, supplies and procedures

Vacuum cleaners aren’t sufficient for the simplest of procedures like surface-level dirt or dust removal. Now, commercial cleaners in Sydney need to consider the addition of micro-fibre cloths after an initial vacuum clean.  This is what commercial COVID cleaning services should offer you because it is required of uncompromised COVID cleaning in any manner. Commercial cleaners have had to look more closely at the supplies for cleaning because the traditional products in the market may not be up to standard for post-pandemic levels of cleaning. All the procedures you follow on a day-to-day basis for every commercial client will need to be more strictly handled to ensure systematic cleaning that meets new standards of cleanliness.  

  • Pandemic standards to follow

All of the professional commercial cleaning practitioners in Sydney and beyond should adhere to authoritative protocols devised by global regulatory bodies like OSHA and CDC. In addition, many commercial cleaning companies, like ours, offer greener and non-toxic cleaning procedures because they are free from the usage of harmful chemical-intensive toxic supplies. It’s this extra consideration and care in service that is more essential in these times. The additional care in commercial cleaning is there to ensure that you or your employees don’t face any aftermath side-effects like allergies, skin rashes, eye irritations, or asthmatic triggers. Surfaces like carpets in the workplace are known to harbour germs that cause these illnesses and that’s why commercial carpets need professional cleaning

  • Safe trash disposal 

The safe and sanitary disposal of trash is more important now than ever before. There isn’t a single COVID cleaning checklist that would be complete without a complete end-to-end of the COVID cleaning routine. Waste disposal schemes now play a prominent role, and they have to be handled with extra care to protect everyone involved. Professional cleaning companies will now instead focus on separating waste between organic and inorganic before disposing of them. It is also essential that commercial property managers are serious about clearing the trash every day and even multiple times in the same day, depending on the size of your premises. 

  • Disinfection and sanitisation 

Commercial cleaners must now be experts in disinfection and sanitisation techniques because commercial properties are high-traffic areas. Many business owners and managers want to know that you can be effective at the appropriate disinfection procedures to ensure that their will be safe from the mass spread of COVID-19. We now follow our standard cleaning techniques and requirements, follow through with thorough disinfection, and later end with sanitisation. Some commercial properties require that you decontaminate your equipment between every usage, and that means that you have to use the proper cleaning techniques to prevent any prospective cross-contamination that can happen while cleaning.  All these additional steps taken are significant reasons people prefer professional COVID cleaning services in Sydney.

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