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Our proven methodologies, customer centred approach and excellent customer support are the key pillars of our reputation. We strive to serve our customer’s specific needs using world class cleaning products and equipment. We have gained trust from our existing customers.

We provide high quality cleaning services and use the latest technology to ensure your property is squeaky clean after we complete the work. We always turn up with a fully equipped vehicle and work in an efficient manner. We will provide you with the best solution for your property depending on your problem.

If you are curious about Efficent Cleaning Services or something more personalised, please contact our team of professionals for a quote or any advice on your builder’s clean.

Builders Cleaning

Builders Cleaning

As Good As New

Builder’s clean is cleaning the whole empty office building or a complex of units in a short space of time. Recently built commercial spaces require builders to clean after tradies have finished with the construction and all the finishing building details. The idea is to make sure the commercial units are perfectly clean and ready for the new occupants/residents to move in. It includes a full interior and exterior building clean to make a new space ready to be lived in.

A builder’s clean is an essential post construction detail to request after all building is completed and you are ready to make a clean property ready to be handed over to your tenants. We, at Efficent Cleaning Services, provide professional builder cleans and have teams standing by to efficiently complete your after building cleaning service at a time and day that suits your schedule.

We can provide vacate builders cleaning and vacate renovation cleaning. If your property is vacated and you require a builders clean please contact us today, we will ensure you have a nice clean place to move into.

We can also help if you are in the process of completing your renovations and are due to move in by a specified date. We can complete a full vacate builders clean on your requested date. We can work around your schedule day or night and get the job done before you move into your newly renovated home. We are one of the most trusted builders cleaners because we can deliver a clean property quickly, easily and professionally.

How long does the builder’s clean take?

The duration of the project depends on a number of factors such as –

The team at Efficent Cleaning Services are committed to making sure your business looks it’s absolute best. When it comes to cleaning services, we’ve worked hard over the years to develop a reputation as one of the industry leaders. With over a number of years cleaning experience, we’re here for all your cleaning needs.

We believe in providing quality, professionalism and integrity. We know you’re busy, so we’ll show up when we say we will and complete the job to the highest standards to make a stress free experience for you, start to finish!

This type of special cleaning job usually includes all of the following:
Door Cleaning

Builders Cleaning

All builders require a builder clean to some degree. For the most part it involves cleaning of kitchens, bathrooms, laundries, bedrooms, joinery, floors, walls, skirtings, window and window frames. We offer personalised cleaning services for different types and size of projects, and ever expanding needs of the client.
Services that are a part of builders clean are –

Our professional approach

Our licensed and fully insured cleaners hold great expertise in cleaning all types of properties – be it residential, commercial or corporate offices, etc. We take all your cleaning stress and let you perform your moving tasks without any hassle.
Builders Clean

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We, at Efficent Cleaning Services, have integrated a proven cleaning process to give you stress free and quality cleaning experience.
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