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Our proven methodologies, customer centred approach and excellent customer support are the key pillars of our reputation. We strive to serve our customer’s specific needs using world class cleaning products and equipment. We have gained trust from our existing customers.

We provide high quality cleaning services and use the latest technology to ensure your property is squeaky clean after we complete the work. We always turn up with a fully equipped vehicle and work in an efficient manner. We will provide you with the best solution for your property depending on your problem.

If you are curious about Efficent Cleaning Services or something more personalised, please contact our team of professionals for a quote or any advice on your house cleaning.

Strata Cleaning

Strata Cleaning

As Good As New

Strata cleaning service companies are hired by the building committee and they perform all the cleaning in common spaces like elevators, swimming pools, hallways, and gyms. Strata cleaning also includes cleaning lifts and escalators, cleaning and sanitising garbage disposal areas and rooms, cleaning stairs and fire escape routes, cleaning, windows and glass doors, carpet steam cleaning, watering of gardens, high pressure cleaning, graffiti removal, waste removal and emergency cleaning etc.

They are in charge of taking care of all the open spaces and common areas in properties. This allows better management of both public properties and resources. There are a range of reasons on why to hire Strata Service providers.

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Health & safety
People use common spaces a few times more than private areas, and that’s why open spaces get messy pretty quickly. If you don’t appoint someone to clean the open areas, they would stay unclean and have an effect on your health. You should hire someone to maintain open spaces on a regular basis since a vast amount of people use space every day.

Professional skills
You require professional skills to understand different ways you can clean different types of floors. This is another big explanation why you should employ strata cleaners. Self-cleaning often doesn’t assist with thorough cleaning.

No damage to property
Strata services provide skilled cleaning and maintenance services for commercial buildings. Strata cleaning is essential to ensure the best cleaning of the building or commercial premises. If you don’t have the right equipment or skill, it could damage your property and premises. This is another reason why you need professionals like us who can help you all the way through.

Strata Cleaners

Carpet cleaning

When you’re using carpets in common rooms, it’s going to be hard to sweep with those without a vacuum cleaner. If you want to perform these services yourself, you’d need to buy a vacuum cleaner and steam cleaner to clean small spaces. So employing a strata cleaning service like Efficent Cleaning Services is sometimes a smart way to save costs. Being one of the most reliable bond cleaning companies in Camden, we have been catering the specific needs of our customers through our flawless, attention-to-detail and affordable services. Our expertise lies in cleaning, sanitising and organising both the commercial properties using the best cleaning methods. Whether it’s about cleaning carpets or scrubbing dirty vents, we can do everything in a breeze. Our professional and local-friendly team have years of experience in strata cleans for years.

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We Will Make Absolutely Any Place Clean, Neat & Tidy.

Efficent Cleaning Services has been serving thousands of people with home cleaning, office cleaning, floor cleaning, kitchen cleaning services. We have established ourselves as one of the leading service providers of bond cleaning. Our mission is to strive for excellence, no matter what we do.

Strata Cleaning

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Our licensed and fully insured cleaners hold great expertise in cleaning all types of properties – be it residential, commercial or corporate offices, etc. We take all your cleaning stress and let you perform your moving tasks without any hassle.

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We, at Efficent Cleaning Services, have integrated a proven cleaning process to give you stress free and quality cleaning experience.
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