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We provide high-quality cleaning services and use the latest technology to ensure your property is squeaky clean after we complete the work. We always turn up with a fully equipped vehicle and work in an efficient manner. We will provide you with the best solution for your property depending on your problem.

If you are curious about Efficent Cleaning Services or something more personalised, please contact our team of professionals for a quote or any advice on your commercial cleaning in Sydney.

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A professional cleaning service is important for any commercial business. A regular cleaning service will ensure and maintain a clean and safe environment for a range of spaces. We, at Efficent Cleaning Services, specialize in offices, factories, schools, pubs, clubs and retail outlets.

There are big differences when it comes to cleaning commercial space such as retail stores, office spaces compared to cleaning a residential property. Large property management firms that operate or own buildings or industrial factories or office blocks must ensure that cleaning and maintenance are done on a regular basis.

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More and more businesses in Australia are using a professional commercial cleaning service in Sydney to increase efficiency while cleaning and maintaining their space. Hiring an external cleaning company makes sure that you are getting professionals on board who will help keep the surrounding working environment regularly cleaned and maintained. Your employees will realise that their safety and wellness is a priority for you as an employer. The advantages of outsourcing and hiring a cleaning service over employing workers on your staff are becoming increasingly high and the trend is quickly catching on.

Commercial Cleaning Services

Advantages of hiring a cleaning service for your commercial facility

Your employees may tidy up when clocking off before they go home, however, this is not sufficient enough to guarantee a safe work environment. Professional commercial cleaners are qualified in the best practices in cleaning any part of a building whether inside or outside and any surface material.  A qualified cleaning company will own the most up to date cleaning equipment for the job.  Your employees will be grateful for not having the responsibility of cleaning their workspaces and they can focus on more important jobs in a focused manner.

Investing in an external cleaning service is both economical and time saving. Efficent Cleaning Services will guarantee a fast and efficient cleaning service within your budget.  We will work with you to select the best time and day, which is most convenient for you with little impact or disturbance to your regular work life.

Efficent Cleaning Services only uses products and equipment that is safe for your workplace and the environment.  This is ideal for those companies who abide by an eco friendly policy.

We provide a cleaning service to a wide range of commercial establishments; hospitals, clinics, schools, shopping centres, food courts and retail.  Our team have years of professional experience and with our skilled technicians and equipment, we are able to clean any building.

Why Are We The Best?

We Will Make Absolutely Any Place Clean, Neat & Tidy. Efficent Cleaning Services has been serving thousands of people with home cleaning, office cleaning, floor cleaning, kitchen cleaning services. We have established ourselves as one of the leading service providers of bond cleaning. Our mission is to strive for excellence, no matter what we do.
Commercial Cleaners

Professional Commercial Cleaners Sydney

Our professionals are skilled and educated routinely and thoroughly to follow high levels of consistency and cleaning efficiency, as well as qualification of specialized services. We are able to fulfill any commercial room cleaning needs you might have.

A clean workplace increases the productivity, wellbeing and work experience of the employees, boosts morale and improves performance. We often work hard to win your trust and confidence, going beyond just satisfying the everyday cleaning needs of your company. We are able to arrange our routine visits to suit your schedule. You can have your premises cleaned and maintained during the day/weekends or evening, and it’s our versatility that makes us one of the best cleaning services in and around Camden. We also continuously monitor our cleaning professionals by daily checks and field monitoring of all events.

We provide regular training to keep our professionals up-to-date on industry standards and to provide you with the best service. Hence, our professionals only follow the best practices while cleaning and maintaining your commercial space.

Properties we service


Religious buildings require unique cleaning solutions because they operate during their own individual schedules. Some may open on during the week and others open to the public on the weekends. That means that cleaning cannot happen on a fixed schedule or consistent timings. Optimal flexibility is vital to service a religious building or church. Churches, are also, places that usually experience high volumes of traffic and that’s another reason why the expert cleaning from a professional commercial cleaning team is needed. Both things mentioned here, are examples of why Efficent Cleaning is the perfect commercial cleaner for you. We have years of experience in providing scheduling flexibility and customized cleaning services so religious buildings stay looking their best while keeping costs under control.

We have closely and personally trained our staff of friendly cleaners to have all the knowledge required for careful cleaning in your church. It will be handled with the utmost of care and treated with the respect it deserves. We’ll will work with you to fully understand what your needs are and accommodate a schedule that works for you.

Church Cleaning
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Childcare centres

Developmental centres and facilities for children are some of the most important parts of each community in Sydney. Both for the safety of the children that must grow and learn in them, but also for the dedicated frontline workers helping them along the way. The level of cleaning and hygiene standards required for childcare is raised to the highest level when handled by Efficent Cleaning. We have designed a cleaning and disinfection programmed that easily matches up the Australian Health Protection Principal Committee and that is up to standard with National Health and Medical Research Council childcare cleaning guidelines. Our Sydney-wide commercial cleaning services will take the appropriate measures to prevent and eliminate risks related to cleanliness and hygiene. That’s why we use natural but effective non-toxic cleaning products. All Efficent Cleaning staff have valid and current police checks and working with children clearance.


Efficent Cleaning offers professional school cleaning services across Sydney in several locations including, but not limited to, Blacktown, Richmond, and Ingleburn. State Education Department regulations and the increasing requirements for compliance with health standards require schools in Australia to review their current cleaning programmes. We have developed specialized school cleaning methods that are an essential tool in the overall facilities management of a school. You can expect a regular and thorough cleaning routine that will focus on high-use, high-risk areas and give targeted disinfection to avoid cross contamination. Call us now and we can design a school cleaning programme. Choose our specialized school cleaning services because you can be assured of the standard of cleaning that will leave the school facilities clean and safe for use. Your students, parents and teachers will be more than satisfied. We offer competitively priced and professional commercial cleaning for schools and many other developmental facilities.
Commercial Cleaners


Efficent Cleaning offers professional university cleaning and sanitizing services that you can trust in Sydney. Schools and universities require very expert cleaning because they are high-traffic areas and the last thing you want to do is expose the people and staff on the premises to risky contaminants. We’ll leave no book or desk unturned and make sure that your premises are primed for productive work and study. Our service is sufficient, friendly, and deeply knowledgeable about the targeted cleaning and products needed. Our highly trained commercial cleaners are equipped with state-of-the art equipment to make your university premises sparkling clean. We will engage in multiple consultations with you to agree on cleaning packages that make your life easier as a university property manager.


Bar owners and managers in Sydney know the importance of a good commercial company because it is all too much work to handle yourself. Especially in bars where spills and greasy food are natural features of any night throughout the week. Efficent Cleaning can provide excellent servicing and sanitizing of all the hard surfaces and touched areas in your bar. We’ll keep your bar looking its best and that requires the best regular and consistent cleaning schedule. Our dedicated team of bar cleaners will design a custom cleaning plan that is sure to give your establishment a high appearance and cleanliness level at all times. We can clean all the following and so much more: bar restrooms, bar floors & upholstery, front & back cleaning of your bar or pub. You need a reputable commercial cleaner to maintain a smart presentation of your bar because its part of the major attraction that directs people through your doors.

Commercial Cleaning Services
Commercial Cleaners

Night clubs

Choose Efficent Cleaning for a night club cleaning contract that will be effective at beating late night messes while not completely emptying your pockets. There’s no need to book those once-off cleaners of staffing in a cleaning crew, just give our packaged and regular cleaning services a try. If you outsource a commercial cleaner in Sydney to do daily, weekly, or monthly cleaning, you’ll free up valuable time for your club employees to focus on other tasks better suited to their skills. Efficent Cleaning is a Sydney commercial cleaning company that will provide professional maintenance that will restore the glamour of your night club. You will be provided with the highest quality of service with us. Nightclub Cleaning is critical because it is essential to create a healthy atmosphere but also to maintain the image and appeal of your nightclub. We are more than ready to clean your night club after every time it is used as a facility, and we can offer you custom packages that save you money.


Restaurant cleanliness is exceptionally important and not just for a good customer experience but also for food safety regulations in Sydney. The difference between using any average cleaner and a professional commercial cleaner will show in the look and feel of your restaurant. Efficent Cleaning is a restaurant cleaning expert that aims to provide flexible and comprehensive cleaning services that protect your staff and guests from common germs and bacteria. We have many years of experience in offering a wide range of restaurant cleaning services which are ideal for protecting your restaurant. Expect top-quality kitchen equipment cleaning and even a weekly restroom hygiene service. We only use cleaning products that are safe and effective for restaurant facilities and our expert cleaning crew will handle any size restaurant with any size cleaning woe in your commercial space. Among the services that we can provide over a regular basis is the cleaning of textiles which includes deep carpet cleaning, curtains, sofas, or chairs.
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