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Bars and pubs require very specific commercial cleaning in Sydney because they are public meeting places, and public meeting places have standards to uphold. These are high-traffic areas where food, drinks and customers are frequent. That means that the company you employ to do the job does a thorough job of sanitising all the hard surfaces and touched areas. It is in your best interest to keep your bar clean, and that needs a regular and consistent cleaning schedule. Keep reading, and we’ll tell you just how technical, commercial cleaning can be for bars and pubs in Australia…

What’s involved in bar and pub cleaning?

There are a few main areas to address that you may not be aware of. This can range from something as basic as keeping hard surfaces like tables, chairs and countertops wiped and polished, to uncommon things like chair backs and foot rails at the bar.  Proper cleaning now includes the focus on disinfecting and cleaning to make the premises safe for the public as per Safe Work Australia requirements. Below is a detailed list of how we’d approach routine bar cleaning for a sparkling finish you’re proud to invite your guests to enjoy on a daily basis.

  • Front of Bar

This is the pride of any bar establishment, isn’t it? Well, it’s also the first place that your customers are going to head to. Here, they come in contact with things that are touched by many people, like the bar, stools, table and rails. Professional commercial cleaners will want to make sure to stay on top of these areas so you show off an establishment that really shines and is inviting.

  • Bar Restrooms 

Restrooms are high traffic areas, and these need proper attention to keep them presentable and safe for public use. Toilets and urinals will be scrubbed and wiped clean, sinks and faucets should also be wiped down with a sanitising cleaner, and light fixtures, mirrors, light switches and tile walls should be routinely touched up. 

  • Back of Bar

This area may often be overlooked as an area that needs thorough cleaning because clients don’t see it. These will also need cleaning on a  daily basis. Back of bar cleaning is most beneficial for the staff who have to work here because they deserve clean working areas. The back of the bar counts as staff areas, and they require regular cleaning and sanitising to keep illness and germs from spreading from any cooking or eating areas. Back of the bar cleaning should be included in your regular schedule to provide a healthy and efficient workspace. This area is predominantly for staff and professional commercial cleaning is known to improve work production for them. 

  • Bar Floors & Upholstery

Commercial cleaners know how important it is to clean these parts of an establishment because they tend to absorb harmful contaminants. The bar floor is also essential to address when cleaning on a daily basis. Spills and stains are a normal part of everyday life in bars and pubs, and it’s necessary to stay on top of the messes to avoid any long term water damage or make it difficult to remove stains later. Clean floors and upholstery will only enhance the professionalism and hospitality of your business to your bar guests. Your chosen commercial cleaner will respond to dirty tile and carpeted floors with precision and proper equipment to maintain this standard. Whether it’s just from daily traffic and spills or lousy weather outside that is tracked in by customers, this should be regularly cleaned. Regular and frequent carpet cleaning will also assist in keeping your establishment smelling nice and looking good. 

Why choose professional commercial cleaners for your bar? 

Well maintained and cleaned bars or pubs are the friendliest environments for the staff and their guests. All you need to do is hire a professional cleaning crew. The cleaning staff will have the expertise to perform immaculate sanitising and other requirements involved with having a presence in the food and drink environment. We provide excellent bar and pub cleaning for our clients in Sydney. Feel free to visit our website to learn more about our cleaning services for your Bar or Tavern. Our professional cleaning staff is bonded, insured and fully trained for various commercial services. We can help you with a custom package for all your commercial property cleaning requirements, and we know how to offer competitive pricing. Leave the headache to be trained and experienced professionals to deal with commercial cleaning appointments. Call us on 1300 28 78 98, and we can help clients in Blacktown, Camden, Penrith, Smithfield, Richmond, Springwood, Parramatta, Bankstown, Eastern Creek, Ingleburn and Wetherill Park.