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Health guidelines for office cleaning

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The world of commercial cleaning in Sydney has changed in many ways for all of the area’s workplaces. Australia’s Department of Health is one of many global, internationally recognised health agencies. It is there to help people with awareness and protection from any disease threats and possible preventive measures.They have set out guidelines for workplace safety, and it has done the same for professional covid cleaning. 

Workplaces or typical commercial premises are specific points where contamination can happen because they’re used by many people every day. There are some regulatory measures for office cleaning provided by the Department of Health, and we’ve compiled them in a shortlist for your reference below…

  • Cleaning, sanitising, and disinfection can reduce your infection risk

Workplace facilities require disinfection and sanitisation that would be different from other facilities. More concentration needs to be placed on sanitising the high touch-sensitive points in every corner of the office, which needs to be done after commercial cleaning. The procedures would be completely different if your professional commercial cleaner handled more vulnerable places like a medical centres and clinics. Proper protocols for different commercial properties are essential because this is sure to help maintain consistent standards continuously. Commercial cleaners have advanced disinfectant sprays and chemicals, and they are the best for eliminating germs that may cause infection.

  • The frequency of cleaning matters

Even your everyday office cleaning should be moderated appropriately to keep up with health standards that make for a safe work environment. That may mean following the guidelines defined by Safe Work Australia. The general rule is that disinfecting just once a day is enough if you have relatively lesser foot traffic entering your premises. This changes if there are reported cases of increasing covid in your community and the local situation. In this case, you must disinfect your premises at much more frequent intervals, even in a single day.

  • Routine cleaning protocols

Your chosen professional commercial cleaner now has stricter protocols to follow when doing what they need to. We now have to craft down a checklist with added to-dos and source the right equipment and supplies. Professionals have to use PPE wear while doing the office cleaning and other commercial cleaning services and utilise full-on equipment. This is important to prevent cross-contamination prospects that are most likely to happen while cleaning the premises. The cleaning company also has a new responsibility to ensure that their cleaners are prepared enough and trained at regular intervals to get them up to date with the latest procedures and processes. We also have to carefully consider the cleaning products we use and ensure that anyone exposed to them post-cleaning procedures doesn’t face any allergic reaction or come to face any asthmatic triggers resulting from chemical-intensive ingredients. All of these things are new considerations that should be included when you are choosing the best commercial cleaner for the job.

  • Disinfection procedures for various places

Commercial properties are filled with high-risk areas and touch-sensitive places, and that’s why they need professional commercial cleaning to deal with the possible spread f germs. Disinfection and sanitising are required at frequent intervals. Even the slightest negligence here can drastically affect the overall hygiene of the premises and put the people that work here at risk. There are guidelines for cleaning from the Health authorities which can enhance workplace safety. Typical commercial cleaning has changed to include deep cleaning techniques, and that means that we’ll consider everything from your carpet, windows, electronic gadgets, elevator buttons, escalator handles and much more. 

  • What to do after an employee tests positive?

If you have an employee that has tested positive, it is important to ask them and everyone they came in contact with to self-isolate till they get a negative test result. Also, to avoid the spread to other areas and employees, its important to seal off the area until its decontaminated. 

Commercial cleaners have had to adapt their services to ensure they can offer Covid-19 disinfection services while protecting their staff. Some of the existing cleaning techniques were already germ-killing procedures. Therefore, only professional commercial cleaning companies are the best qualified for a situation such as this. 

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