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How much does a commercial cleaner cost?

Commercial Cleaner

Your commercial property isn’t just a place of work, it’s also an asset that you’ve invested time and money into. You want to keep it in good shape so that your efforts aren’t wasted but also because you know a well-looked after property makes a good impression. We want to help you build and maintain a lasting impression for potential customers and for the employees you’ve hired to work on the property. If you aren’t already, we suggest seriously investing in a cleaning service that will regularly come in to create a consistently clean working environment for yourself and others. Efficent Cleaning services is more than willing to plan a servicing solution with detailed scheduling. Not many of the commercial cleaners in Sydney has in its ranks can offer you this level of service, but we can.  This is how much you can expect to pay for commercial cleaning in Sydney and what the service entails.

How much does a commercial cleaner cost?

The standard hourly rate for commercial cleaners in Sydney is between $30 and $55. This average estimation is based on a situation where a cleaner is dealing with an average sized commercial building, doing basic cleaning work, during normal working hours. The rate will obviously change if they’re dealing with larger sized properties for after hours projects.

What services are included in commercial cleaning?

Commercial properties are usually places of work which see high numbers of foot traffic that may be customers or employees. That means that the cleaning requirements to make sure that the premises is hygienic, and that the hygiene is maintained, are fairly complex. It is the maintenance of hygiene that will require that you budget for regular and reoccurring cleaning services to keep your place of work at the standard it needs to be at. Cleaning companies in Sydney may offer you various types of packages based on the requirements for commercial properties. They can include certain levels, like standard or premium, and repeat arrangements based on your individual needs. Efficent cleaning prefers to use a customised cleaning plan module for our clients because we’re so invested in our work and committed to our client needs. However, if you prefer, we can also offer standardized plans that are inclusive of a whole range of commercial cleaning services at times and dates that suit you. Starting level commercial cleaning services in Sydney typically include some of the following tasks:

Cleaning categoryTypical tasks

Floors Cleaning

Carpet deep cleaning

Curtains and upholstery Cleaning

Deep cleaning

Furniture Cleaning

Couch and chair deep cleaning

Kitchen Cleaning

Spring cleaning
Deep clean
High-pressure cleaning
Emptying and cleaning rubbish
Backsplash rejuvenation
Cleaning of appliances

Toilets Cleaning

Polishing mirrors and floors
Products restock (toilet paper, hand soap etc)

Specialized commercial cleaning 

Tile and grout cleaning
Carpet steam cleaning
High pressure cleaning interior and exterior
Window washing for high buildings
Cleaning of roofs and parking areas
Bond cleaning
Floor stripping and waxing

The services mentioned in the specialized category usually require additional equipment and skillset and that’s why they’re a classification on their own. This kind of cleaning also isn’t necessary as frequently as the other types of cleaning which may require day-to-day, weekly, or even monthly recurring jobs.

What affects the price of commercial cleaning services?

Here are three things a commercial cleaner will take into account before giving you a quote when they consider pricing:

How often you need cleaning: you may need repeat servicing for your commercial property or only require a deep clean once a month or so. Either way, service providers are likely to offer you a packaged, reduced deal if you need them more frequently. Commercial property owners and managers that need repeat services will be given reduced rates.

What hours you’ll need cleaning: commercial properties are usually busy during working hours so that everyone can conduct their business. It’s therefore important to consider when it will be best to have cleaning services come in. After-hours work is usually more expensive, but it saves you the disruption during the day (and it means they can do a better job of cleaning because they won’t have to be aware of people roaming around). A service provider may offer you premium rates for overnight or weekend cleaning

If you need extra-strength materials and equipment: the specialized cleaning services listed above will require heavy machinery to complete the job, and the use of these comes at a cost.

Looking for the best commercial cleaners in Sydney?

Efficent Cleaning will deploy a team of friendly and thorough commercial cleaners to your property as soon as you need them. We’re excellent at taking care of your commercial cleaning needs but we also have a range of other services on offer to help you in other aspects of your life. We service all these locations for cleaning services in: Blacktown, Camden, Penrith, Smithfield, Richmond, Springwood, Parramatta, Bankstown, Eastern Creek, Ingleburn, Wetherill Park and other suburbs. You can call us on 1300 28 78 98 or fill this form to get a free quote from our expert commercial cleaners