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How to maintain your commercial carpets?

Maintaining Commercial Cleaners

Commercial carpeting, like other parts of your business premises, is vulnerable to ageing and the accumulation of enormous amounts of dirt in a short amount of time. And of course, that would be the case, because commercial areas experience much higher amounts of traffic than other property types. There are already reasons why professional cleaners specialize in carpet cleaning, but it’s clear to see why when you look at your carpets. There mere be stains and discolouration on the surface and it shows why they need never-ending cleaning. Carpet fibres are very absorbent and will hold onto anything that falls onto them quite easily. This is also the case for dust and any moisture build up which may develop into mould. It might seem annoying to keep up with scheduled carpet cleaning and maintenance, but the effort is worth it since cleaning it helps to keep allergies and illnesses down while maintaining a business’s positive reputation in the community. You can read more below for tips about maintaining commercial carpets to extend their life and appearance.

Preventative cleaning

Preventing the problem is always much better than paying for an expensive cure, or in this case, carpet repair. The best way to keep your carpet looking good, lasting longer and staying clean of illness-causing contaminants is to invest in a preventative cleaning schedule. Even if you’re a brand new tenant in your commercial property, or don’t notice any stains. You should set up a carpet cleaning service that will make sure that it stays that way. By investing in regular cleans, you will keep your carpet in great condition while preventing costly restorative cleaning instances. 

Vacuum regularly

This might seem like the simplest answer but that’s because it’s the most effective. The required frequency of vacuuming is dependent on the kind of traffic you’re likely to see in your building and the activities that are likely to take place on a daily basis. Should you choose the workmanship of a reputable commercial cleaner in Sydney, they can help you figure out the frequency after the first consultation. You may need the cleaning team to vacuum every day in a childcare centre or restaurant, while a small office may only need a weekly vacuum. No matter how often you need it, regular vacuuming is one of the best ways to keep your carpet clean and looking good. Vacuuming can remove dirt and dust which are the number one cause of mild to moderate illness in any workplace. 

  • Daily vacuuming may be required for commercial properties that experience very heavy traffic like the ground floor or entrance hall areas. 
  • General corridors and offices will experience medium traffic and should be vacuumed a few times a week. 
  • Low traffic areas like meeting rooms and conference halls can be vacuumed much less frequently like once a week. 

Schedule regular deep cleanings with a commercial cleaner

Deep cleaning is a little more complicated than vacuuming every day and requires a professional commercial cleaning expert to be done properly. Regular vacuums and other forms of cleaning will remove dirt from the surface, but deep cleaning can remove dirt that is deep in the carpet fibres, and this is not always possible to remove with a regular vacuum. Efficent Cleaning is equipped with experienced staff that are licensed to handle the big machinery that will clean your carpets to the core. Contact us today and we can spend some time creating a customized cleaning schedule for your commercial carpets. 

Types of carpet cleaning

Professional Steam Cleaning

Steam cleaning your commercial carpets is the best way to extract any harmful build-ups that are hiding in between the carpet fibres. Steam cleaning is also known as hot water extraction cleaning, and it is highly effective at beating grime and dirt deep in the carpet fibres. The entire process involves a preconditioning a cleaning solution and applying it to the carpet. Sort of like a shampoo job. This will dissolve any soil or oil stains that have been hard to remove. The carpets are then blasted with highly pressurized and hot water to dislodge deep hidden dirt by force. The high temperature of the water will also serve as a disinfectant because it will kill any growing germs and allergens. We will then finish the entire process with a deep vacuum to remove dislodged dirt that stayed behind. Only a professional commercial cleaner can perform this intensity of carpet cleaner and it is one of the reasons why you should use professional services only

Dry Cleaning

Dry carpet cleaning will focus on the surface of the carpet to easily remove lightly soiled dirt and grime. It is a technique that is convenient for commercial properties because it is cost-effective and quick to complete for experienced office cleaning teams. This process involves organic cleaning products or detergent that is mixed with a little bit of water. The mixture is then placed on the carpet to absorb the dirt on the surface and then it is later vacuumed out. It might not be the same thing as a deep clean, but it is still equally effective as a maintenance cleaning procedure to keep your carpet fresh.

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