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Things to ask your commercial cleaner before hiring them

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You should be doing your due diligence as a customer to find out all the things you need to know about all the commercial cleaners in  Sydney has on offer. You want to find the right one for you and you want to do it on your terms. Your commercial property is very important to you after all, and you don’t want to make the wrong decision. At this stage of the process, you want to vet the chosen service providers to make sure that they are exactly what you’re looking for and that they’ll deliver on the service you require. Efficent Cleaning Services strongly suggests reading this blog to help you make your final decision because it could save you from a lot of trouble. There are many shady commercial cleaning businesses in the market and the last thing you want is to experience them. Here are a few questions to ask your commercial cleaner in Sydney before hiring them

1. Make sure your commercial cleaner is insured

Australian law and regulation require that certain service providers be fully insured before they’re allowed to operate in Sydney. Cleaners are one of them because they deal with hazardous chemicals and dangerous equipment for more serious commercial property jobs. You should always be worried about what insurance cover local cleaning service providers have when they do work on your property, but you should be extra concerned if it affects your business. The company that comes to clean on your commercial property should have insurance that adequately covers your business if unfortunate accidents occur. You need to ask your commercial cleaner for proof of insurance and find out exactly how much the insurance covers. Also ask them about liability clauses and safety procedures required, per insurance stipulations, should anything happen. 

2. Get reviews from previous clients

Work history and credible references are exactly what you would look for if you’re hiring an employee in your business. You should also look for these things when contracting a commercial cleaner in Sydney to verify that they know what they’re doing. It’s also important to find out what kinds of customer’s they’ve had in the past and if they’ve adequately serviced them. The cleaning company should be willing to provide this information. If they aren’t, you can also do your own internal reference checking by looking at ratings and reviews on aggregator websites and otherwise for Australian locals. People are usually most honest when they leave their reviews behind an anonymous tag online and you could find out if anyone went out of their way to make it known that they’re not the best for commercial cleaning. Even if the company can provide shining client reviews at request, it’s always good to know that they are forthcoming with this information and that it makes your life easier knowing that they are a credible service provider based on other people’s experiences

3. Ask about their experience in their industry

This is more of a personal preference question because you may value experience over anything else when it comes to service providers. However, it is good to know where the company is at, in terms of its development, so that you have a good sense of the type of people you’ll be working with. There are cleaning industry mavens that have a large company, several teams and they’ll definitely know more about cleaning than you. Or you might find a cleaning company start-up that has a small team but prioritizes creating intimate relationships with their clients so that they can maintain consistent service offerings. Experience may be a more critical factor in certain industries where regulative requirements about cleaning are strict business. Consider places that must have sanitation control and pest control to qualify for operations. These places might need to turn to ‘older’ cleaning businesses to make sure that the highest quality of service is delivered. 

4. Consider a long-term contract

Contracts are legally binding so before you head to the dotted line for signing, it’s important that you read everything. The contract should be very clear about the agreed upon cost and the cleaning services that will be performed. The final step before hiring your trusted commercial cleaner in Sydney involves checking your contract for the following:

  • A clear stipulation of price
  • Work scopes and the agreed upon schedule 
  • Resolution plans in the case of accident or misunderstanding 
  • An option to legally cancel the working relationship

Ultimately, the most important thing you should look for in the cleaning service provider you hire is transparency. The process should be open, have continuous and consistent communication and be clear about what is expected from both parties. We can guarantee all of that, right here, with Efficent Cleaning Services. We’re the best commercial cleaner in Sydney and we won’t disappoint on that promise. We service all these locations for cleaning services in: Blacktown, Camden, Penrith, Smithfield, Richmond, Springwood, Parramatta, Bankstown, Eastern Creek, Ingleburn, Wetherill Park and other suburbs. You can call us on 1300 28 78 98 or fill this form to get a free quote from our expert commercial cleaners