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What is the cost of after builders cleaning?

Building Cleaning Services

A proper builders clean shouldn’t be considered in the same category of regular domestic household because it is a whole world on its own. It includes the thorough, and potentially dangerous work of completely clearing out a newly constructed area of construction wastes and thorough decluttering of every surface and corner. You need the help of a professional cleaning service in Sydney to spruce up your newly remodelled room on your owned or leased property to a higher standard than anything, anyone else can do. Builders cleans are a specialized service that will provide the best environment for your new creation and they are the best targeted servicing to handle construction deep stains and mess. It is also a highly specialized service because quality cleaners in Sydney can also handle restoration of trade defects after construction. This can include spillages, stains, dust, paint marks and splatters from construction materials like render on carpets or windows. A professional cleaning company in Sydney can handle these for you and that’s why you should be open to the pricing that comes with it. 

What do you pay for in a builders cleaning? 

There are three main things to consider when you are budgeting for Sydney’s most professional cleaning providers and they are the size of the cleaning area, the manpower required and the services required.  

The size of the area

Builders cleans are ultimately a cleaning service of a certain amount of square metres in your home or commercial property. In Sydney, you can expect to pay anywhere between $5 to $10 per square metre for a standard builders cleaning. This cost will change based on how standard or easy the job is and if there are complications it can be as much as $20 per square metre.

The manpower needed

We’ve mentioned the complexity of the job before and that can also affect the cost of the job. Manpower is a factor when a job is complicated or when there are specific timelines set in place by customers in Sydney. One cleaner, from a professional commercial provider, can cover basic builders cleaning routines for an area of about 300 square metres in an hour. The manpower required is usually charged per hour in Sydney and you can expect to pay anywhere between $50 and $80 per hour for a cleaner to complete this amount of space. If you have time constraints that require a builders clean to be completed in less time, the cleaning company will have to put more staff numbers on the job. Efficent Cleaning customizes their prices based on the job for different clients in Sydney and we suggest you get a free estimate before budgeting this amount. 

The services required 

Builders cleaning services might need a variety of services including paint mark removal and other strenuous routines and that affects the overall cost. That’s because it will require specific cleaning materials and equipment. Intense cleaning comes at a cost to us because we have to use the perfect tools to get rid of typically difficult builders cleans. This can add a few dollars to the average costs estimated above. You should factor in an extra $5 to $10 extra per hour or per square metre, based on how much more complex the job becomes. 

Services offered by our commercial cleaners in Sydney  

Efficent Cleaning is one of the best commercial cleaning and industrial cleaners in Sydney and we can prove it to you. Trust us to handle your builders clean and then explore our other range of services on offer to locals in Sydney and the following locations: Bankstown, Springwood, Parramatta, Richmond, Smithfield, Camden, Penrith and Blacktown