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What is the difference between a house cleaner and commercial cleaner


Commercial properties and residential homes are completely different environments. They deal with vastly different numbers of people, exist for different purposes, and have unique floor plans and sizes. With that in mind, it’s easy to understand why they are different and why we all need a clear distinction between a place for work and a place for home because they serve us in different ways. One is meant to be intimate and familiar, while the other is meant to be a space for productivity and focus. Now that we’ve got that covered, we’ve probably already answered your question about the difference between a cleaner for your home and one for a commercial property. We aren’t your average commercial cleaners in Sydney, so we can tell you that each of these things is a specialization on its own. Read more below to find out why…

It’s important that you use the right cleaner for the right property because they can’t just interchangeably do each other’s jobs. Plus, it’s important to consider that commercial cleaning is different to residential cleaning on the basic level that one houses more people during the day than the other. Commercial set ups are environments where work is being done and a lot more people will be coming in and out. Here are five differences between a house cleaner and a commercial or office cleaner:

The differences between a house cleaner & commercial cleaner

Regulations and standards

Owners and managers of commercial properties have a lot more to lose if they don’t use the right commercial cleaners in Sydney has made available to them. That’s because there is more responsibility put on the required maintenance of safety and hygiene on commercial properties because they’ll have many customers and employees coming on the property for their reasons. As soon as these people step into the building, they should be protected and unharmed until they leave. Unless its obviously stated, that means that commercial property owners are responsible, and liable, for the people on their premises, to some degree. 

This law of liability isn’t as strictly similar in residential homes because these are private property areas and aren’t responsible for the same things. One of the requirements that must be maintained, is a clean and hygienic working environment for every employee on the property. Commercial cleaning companies in Sydney know exactly what kind of cleaning needs to be done to maintain the standard and have heavy-duty machines to carry out work that a residential cleaner might not be expected to do. 

The type of cleaning 

Many more people are walking in and out of commercial properties on a daily basis than there are people walking in and out of your home. With all the added foot traffic, there is added dirt build up on the property. A business encounters high numbers of people and high activity so it’s likely to accumulate dirt, filth, or bacteria much quicker than your home. A commercial cleaning service is therefore more trained to handle jobs of this nature. They have to deal with large amounts of commercial waste, potentially hazardous clean up and the routine heavy cleaning required to deal with commercial or business mess. A commercial cleaner is trained to clean in areas like offices, buildings, or retail stores and there will be a big difference in the way they do things compared to a house cleaner. 


One flooded toilet in your home isn’t the same thing as multiple flooded toilets on a commercial property. Commercial cleaners are trained to deal with emergencies on business properties which are much larger in scale and are likely to cause much more serious damage. Cleaning after a flooding incident at a commercial property may require serious machinery and equipment to resolve the issue and protect all the business assets at risk. They are also the company that specializes in cleaning after major renovation or construction projects. That’s because commercial cleaners are trained to do work, at a higher standard, to make sure the home is safe and has the right quality of air for instance. 

Commercial cleaners require great expertise and that’s why they have different cost ranges to house cleaners. They handle the heavy cleaning that gives you a tidy and well-managed working environment. Efficent cleaning has commercial cleaners Sydney knows and loves. We do our work with an emphasis on professionalism and only employ a team of highly trained commercial cleaners that are a requirement to achieve quality results and a wide variety of other benefits. As a business owner or manager, it’s part of your duties to make sure that your office or industrial premise is clean and that your employees are working in a healthy environment. Reach out to us and we can give you more information about what services commercial cleaners in Sydney provide.