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How much is strata cleaning?


Building owners and managers can significantly benefit from strata cleaning services from commercial cleaning in Sydney. Strata cleaning is focused on routine cleaning of commonly shared premises. Corporate premises may need this service because they’ll lease spaces within a building that is simultaneously being used by other businesses running alongside it. It may be up to the maintenance unit of the building space to hire a professional to take care of all the communal areas, including the lawns, gardens, common utility areas and corridor spaces. It’s technically a local government requirement that frequently touched surfaces in common areas are cleaned frequently. You’re here because you’re looking for the price of strata cleaning, and we’ve got the answers for you below…

The cost of strata cleaning won’t be the same for every client because it mainly depends on the size and nature of your premises. It also depends on the frequency of cleaning you may need, which may prompt your chosen service provider to offer a packaged deal. Each company’s packages offered will be different, so it is hard to give an accurate estimate. You may be given discounted prices in some instances if you go with a scheduled cleaning model. Whether daily, weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly cleaning, it’s sure to come at a discounted price. There are a couple other things you should ask your commercial cleaner before you hire them but negotiating price is a main aspect.

Strata cleaning in Sydney will typically cost around $30-$45 per hour. This hourly rate covers the regular cleaning routine; more intensive cleaning jobs may have additional costs like window cleaning or carpet stain removal. This is a typical cost range, and it can change due to several factors, and the best thing you can do is to speak to a professional for an accurate quote. 

What is strata cleaning?

We’ve already explained what strata cleaning is but involves some main categories of service, and these include:

  1. Corrective strata measures – This involves basic repairs and major replacements of public areas 
  2. Routine strata maintenance – Strata cleaning and maintenance has to be done regularly. Whether it is daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly. 

What are strata cleaning services?

  • Internal and external property cleaning of public areas
  • Cleaning and repair of gutters
  • Painting
  • Inspection and compliance work for property safety
  • General repairs
  • Gardening

What areas will be cleaned during regular strata cleaning?

There are specific strata areas on commercial properties that require daily routine cleaning. This is a shortlist of sites and a few job scopes that are included:

  • Driveways

Parking lots are prone to clutter and environmental dirt build-up. Avoid presenting a dirty parking lot to your potential buyers, customers, and visitors. Parking lots should not be neglected as a place that needs professional commercial cleaning. 

  • Garden and lawn

Gardens are a beautiful exterior addition to any commercial premises, and in some cases, it is one of the many contributing factors to your selling price. Professional commercial strata cleaners should offer basic gardening while doing their routine cleaning. This can include the sweeping and disposing of leaves and other greenery that looks unsightly, necessary grass cutting, collections of bins, and many more. Routine cleaning of lawns and gardens will ensure that this area will look its best.

  • Hallways, lobbies, walkways & receptions

Shared areas receive the highest foot traffic, and these areas are prone to dust and dirt because of all the people moving about. Commercial cleaners will have to maintain routine cleaning in these areas to ensure safety for customers, employees, and visitors. Staircases are also areas that get the highest foot traffic. An experienced commercial cleaner will ensure that the steps are clean and hazard free.

  • Lifts

Lifts, like staircases, are areas that everyone on-premises will use, so they are concentration points of germs, grime, and build-up. Lifts are specials because they have limited ventilation and close space, and there are high numbers of people touching the elevator buttons. Commercial cleaners can disinfect the area with ease and as frequent as possible to ensure your customer’s and visitors’ safety.

Why is Strata Cleaning important?

Strata cleaning is essential for several reasons, and the first is health and safety. Professional cleaning companies are needed because they can ensure a hygienic environment. It’s also necessary to use experts in the specialisation because they have the right chemicals for the suitable surface. Professional strata cleaning companies have the knowledge and tools to ensure that everything is hygienically cleaned without causing surface damage. 

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