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What are commercial cleaning services?

Commercial Cleaning

Not every cleaning service is equal, and owners of commercial properties need to know that. You shouldn’t hire just any company to handle a commercial environment because it requires a very specific set of skills. Professional commercial cleaners in Sydney should be the only ones you call to handle the cleaning of your business premises. We have some tips about how you can find the best one, but before you even get to that stage – you need to understand what they do. Commercial cleaning is a set of techniques that are designed to clean your office, restaurant, or retail store to a certain standard of quality permissible for commercial use. Your business will be frequently used and visited by the staff or any customers coming in and out all the time, you have to ensure that it is a clean and hygienic environment. There are many reasons why you should use a professional cleaner for your office or other commercial property but it’s mainly to protect everyone on the property. We are here to help you understand the difference a commercial cleaning company can bring to your business and that’s what makes it so important. 

What is a commercial cleaner?

A commercial cleaner is a general term that refers to a person or company that is trained in providing cleaning services for businesses such as offices, shops, factories, bars, and restaurants. Some commercial cleaning companies can also do industrial cleaning for Sydney locals. Different companies offer different cleaning services, but most commercial cleaners will have equipment and staff that can carry out everything from dusting desks and emptying bins to carpet cleaning and window cleaning.

There are many types of commercial businesses on property that require extra special attention and unique tools to clean up to standard. That is why some specialize in hotel cleaning or office cleaning because these two examples are already so vast from one another in terms of the cleaning that’s needed. It’s only by using a professional commercial cleaner, that you can enjoy the benefits of their specialized expertise. A lot of the cleaning we do may seem similar to the tasks you do at home, but we use heavy-duty cleaning equipment and industrial-strength cleaning products. Equipment can include carpet cleaners and floor buffers. The professional commercial cleaning company you choose will draw up a bespoke contract for your business and that’s why you need professionals for the job. One of the best things about them is that they can help you establish a detailed cleaning schedule to be followed that includes tasks such as:

  • Window cleaning inside and outside
  • Clean all floors of all materials including wood, tiles, and carpet
  • Rubbish disposal from desk bins to large bins
  • Dust all desks and reception surfaces
  • Cleaning industrial waste
  • Use PPE/hazmat/respirators
  • Clean toilets and replenish towels and toilet rolls
  • Clean communal areas like the office fridge and microwave
  • Deep carpet cleaning and steaming 

What are commercial cleaner responsibilities?

A Sydney commercial cleaner will have different responsibilities based on the size and structure of the property, but many of the main tasks are consistently offered across service providers. Property owners that employ commercial cleaners should expect them to do the following:

1. Clean

This is clearly stated in the name of the service provider and is the basic requirement of their offering. This means that they will handle all cleaning-related tasks like sweeping, buffing, mopping, dusting, vacuuming, emptying trash cans, polishing woodwork, wiping down tables, scrubbing toilets, and washing windows. Some can even offer strata cleaning and bond cleaning for those renting the commercial property they currently use. 

2. Sanitize

It is a requirement of commercial properties that they are kept as sanitary as possible. Commercial cleaners will therefore use disinfectants and other similar chemicals to prevent the spread of germs. The spread of germs is more likely on a commercial property because of the number of people that frequent them. Sanitization is best done on a regular basis and a trusted cleaning company will do it after the building is empty to make sure that they can do a thorough job. These are the basic responsibilities but there are other important skills that they should possess:

  • Trustworthiness and reliability – commercial property owners usually house expensive items and equipment and they’ll want to use cleaning companies that they can trust to avoid anything happening to them. 
  • The highest care and attention to detail – one of the reasons why commercial cleaners are different from residential cleaners is because they fully examine the property and clean it with specific services
  • Convenient time management – commercial cleaners must be flexible to work with property managers during hours and timelines that can maintain productivity and not disrupt anything

Looking for a good commercial cleaner can be tricky. So, we are here to help you. We have serviced hundreds of customers and solved their commercial cleaning issues. We service these locations – BankstownSpringwoodParramattaRichmondSmithfieldCamdenPenrith, BlacktownIngleburnWetherill ParkEastern Creek and many more in Sydney.