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Why is professional cleaning so important in
COVID-19 times?

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Commercial cleaning has always been a service that is essential in the life of those that own and manage properties in the sector for a very long time. Even though this is what was expected at one point, everything has since changed with the arrival of the COVID-19 pandemic. Many, if not all, businesses were forced to switch to hybrid workforces, which made it almost impossible for cleaning services in Australia to work as they did before. This short snapshot explains how much commercial cleaning services changed after the pandemic.

Traditional commercial cleaning services

Before the pandemic, commercial cleaning was something that was needed very frequently, and even the most adverse commercial client would hire cleaning services at least twice a year. The main concern may have been the maintenance of commercial carpets or window cleaning.. This is still the case presently, but now, we need to emphasise bio-safety measures to protect everyone from COVID-19.

Why is professional cleaning so important?

No one knows how to eliminate contaminants and germ accumulation like professional commercial cleaning services. Even being in contact with a surface could expose many people to sickness causing germs. Therefore, commercial property managers had to rely on the service providers that knew the most about the matter. Business owners began looking for more frequent commercial and industrial cleaning services to keep themselves and their crews safe. Not only that, but clients began requiring cleaning services to be more thorough and focused on getting any external contaminants out of their businesses. As a result, commercial cleaners have had to keep up with an increased demand for steam cleaning, carpet cleaning, window cleaning, and even school cleaning services was at its peak. The new normal of commercial cleaning now includes bio-safety, decontamination and sanitisation measures in the whole deal. We want everyone to know that professional cleaners are always available to clients, and Efficent Cleaning still provides top-rated services in Sydney. That’s because, in these unprecedented times, we have to work with our clients even more closely than before to provide a cleaning solution that provides a safe place to work. 

Regulatory cleaning required 

When it comes to workplace cleaning, all of the following is required by a local and state governments

  • Shared tools, equipment and products need to be cleaned thoroughly before and after each use
  • Employers should ensure reusable cleaning equipment are laundered using hot water and thoroughly dried before re-use
  • Reusable items like buckets and bins are thoroughly cleaned, disinfected and completely dried before re-use
  • Commercial property managers have to provide now single-use and disposable products (such as paper towels and single-use disinfectant wipes) to use when cleaning surfaces that are frequently touched or that may be infected with COVID-19
  • This requires that commercial cleaners undertake thorough and safe trash disposal 
  • Commercial cleaning needs to be conducted by the DH information on cleaning and disinfection for workplaces
  • Employers and commercial cleaners need to ensure they are up to date with relevant information provided by DH about specific cleaning requirements and ensure that employees are provided with adequate knowledge and training to follow any required protocols.
  • Professional cleaning services can be used for cleaning following a suspected or confirmed case of COVID-19; additional protocols may be required

How is a contaminated area cleaned?

It’s not yet entirely determined how long coronavirus can last on surfaces, but health government bodies believe it may be for a few hours. Therefore there is a new need for commercial premises to be thoroughly cleaned and disinfected. Safe Work Australia recommends using detergent and water plus a hospital-grade bleach solution on all hard surfaces that may have been contaminated. For peace of mind and to ensure proper decontamination, commercial owners rely on commercial cleaners to handle it. Professional commercial cleaners may begin with thorough spraying of disinfecting chemicals into the area that needed to be cleaned to make it safer for staff to operate there. Everything will be disinfected, and then we’ll do the work required to make it safe for commercial operations. 

Hiring the right office cleaning services in Sydney

Professional commercial cleaning businesses suffered a drastic change when the pandemic arrived, but that wasn’t necessarily bad. The enhanced level of cleaning required emphasised the need for professional commercial cleaning. It is an essential and legal requirement that cleaning solutions companies in the cleaning industry offer a thorough, excellent and covid-eliminating quality of service. Clients expect that commercial cleaning is performed with the most delicate equipment on the market, so they can hire service providers to provide complete cleaning service in their office.

At Efficent Cleaning, we can help you with a custom package for all your commercial property cleaning requirements, and we know how to offer competitive pricing. Leave the headache to trained and experienced professionals to deal with commercial cleaning appointments. Call us on 1300 28 78 98, and we can help clients in Blacktown, Camden, Penrith, Smithfield, Richmond, Springwood, Parramatta, Bankstown, Eastern Creek, Ingleburn and Wetherill Park